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The sweetest way to pay

Double unicorn Zilch, are the fastest growing fintech brand in Europe offering a buy now, pay later service with 0 interest, 0 fees and 0 worry of debt.


Despite their rapid growth, they needed help to define and communicate what the brand stood for in a cluttered market.

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Our Brand Agenda: Turning payments into moments of joyful liberation.


As their first creative agency on record, we launched a brand campaign on TV and digital to do just the job.

Speaking to a generation wanting the latest must have items, we showed that with Zilch you can have your cake and eat it too.

Zilch Poster 2.png

Giving you the freedom to get what you want now, without the worry of having interest to pay.


After just 3 months on air, prompted awareness of the brand increased from 2% to 16% with 450k users signing up.

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